The Care Partner Project

A CampaignZERO Initiative to Fund Professional Patient Advocacy for Patients and Families who are Uninsured or Under-Insured

Scope and Nature of The Care Partner Project

CampaignZERO provides grant funding to professional patient advocates when:


  • A potential client has complex needs
  • Professional advocacy can resolve those needs in 5 hours or less
  • The client is truly needy, unable to afford advocates’ normal billing rate



  • The client can pay advocate (not CampaignZERO) a nominal fee up to  $25.00/hr. (set by Advocate)
  • Advocate forgoes normal fee to accept grant funding of $50.00/hr., 5 hours maximum, from the Care Partner Project for each client. 


Parameters for grant funding are further explained in the grant application below.

Be familiar with the FAQs and The Care Partner Project Terms and Conditions before applying..

Applicants will receive a response within 24 hours. For urgent requests or questions, contact Karen Curtiss.

Apply for Funding

Receive Payment


Come back frequently as these will be updated.

Is client payment mandatory?

Client payment is not necessary, but recomnended.  The adovates we consulted in forming the Care Partnef’ Project test emphasized that the greatest success is likely when clients are invested in the process and achieving results. They also recommended S25.00 hour, but the actual amount is up to each advocate .

May I direct the client fee of $25.00/hr. as a donation to CampaignZERO?

 We prefer that you don’t ask clients for donations to CampaignZERO: though the gesture is well•intetioned, it muddies understaing of our role.

What about times when clients benefit from more time with my help?

In such cases, we suggest focusing on needs in order of priority, based on urgenccy or the greatest impact you can make in  the time frame funded. In such cases. it is very important  to manage clients’ expections.

Please note that. at this point,  cannot provide funding for additional hours for the same dient. even if an additional application is made. Perhaps in the future!

How is the Care Partner Project funded? How long will the project run?

CampaignZERO received a donation during Fall 2020 that requested use in away will yield measureble impact. Campaign ZERO received additional donations during the holiday season and combined all to create a pool of $5000 to try this program, one that had been percolating as a goal for a number of years. Once the $5000 fund is depleted, CampaignZERO will take stock.analyze the results a nd decide next steps for the Projecl with input from all advocate participants. We estimate that approximately 20-25 patitents will be served in the this test

How will funds be allocated among advocates who apply for funding?

Funding will be granted on a first-come first-serve basis until the pool of $5000 is depleted. CampaignZERO will share periodic updates on the balance available. 

How do I explain to clients who may compare my fees that one may be paying a greatly reduced rate?

We encourage transparency and an explanation that you applied for funding to cover your fees from a non-profit that covers expenses for certain kinds of situations. 

What will happen to the Care Partner Project once all funding is used?

We will pause to assess all we’ve learned to refine the program.  We wil also use all the information collected about the good outcomes from this Project to solicit additional funding. Our goal is to build out the project in a mindful, measured way to eventually support many more patients and families who could benefit greatly from working with a professional patient advocate. 

Can we help with fundraising?

Absolutely! We are open to your ideas! If you have contacts with grant giving organizations, donor advised funds, philantropic friends or family,   corporate giving programs,  or contributors of any kind, we would greatly appreciate an introduction from yuo. 

May I share info about the Care PaPartner Project with case managers or others?

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What if my client qualifies but has family or friends who can pay for services at my normal rates?

The Care Partner Project is designeed for those who are truly lacking in resources. Generous friends and families are resources that most in the same situation do not have. So, please serve those who are on their own with Care Partner Grant funds.  

Terms and Conditions

The Care Partner Project
Submit a case for funding assistance

Our promise to you:

Transparency about funding resources

We will provide regular updates of the Care Partner Project funding resources as they are consumed from an original grant of $5,000.

A listing on CampaignZERO’s Care Partner Project page

This page is used as a marketing tool to attract additional Care Partner Project funding from high net worth, corporate and hospital sponsors. Advocate’s listing will include a description of advocate’s areas of specialty and links to advocate’s website and contact information.

Post-engagement participant feedback

We will share reviews and testimonials provided by the advocate’s clients. Feedback will be collected in a CampaignZERO satisfaction survey after each funded engagement is completed.

Your promise to us:

Quality of service

CampaignZERO reserves the right to disqualify any member Advocate if warranted by poor customer satisfaction surveys. Such disqualification would not occur, however, without sharing survey results with the Advocate and allowing for a balanced discussion.


CampaignZERO may immediately revoke participation for any breach of this agreement or any breach of legal, moral, ethical or professional standards.

Voluntary commitment

Advocate may drop out of the Care Partner Project for any reason at any time and still remain part of the CampaignZERO Community Education Speaker team. There is no obligation for team members to participate in the Care Partner Project.

Care Partner Project Participants agree:



that until the initial funding pool of $5000 is depleted, the Care Partner Project is a pilot program. Due to the potential for the volume of requests to exceed funding resources, the Care Partner Project may not be publicized or offered to clients unless their inability to pay is known.


client contact information as requested in order for CampaignZERO to conduct a follow-up survey, strictly to collect demographic and impact information required for donor reports and to document community impact as a non-profit.



business on the basis of the Care Partner Project. Nominations for funding must come through the regular course of business and be offered as an option only after determining significant limitations on the client’s financial resources.


all results from funded client engagements with CampaignZERO.



potential clients based on need to the best of their ability.


any ideas for improvement and growth as time permits.

There are no fees associated with this program. Participants must be members in good standing of CampaignZERO’s Community Education Speaker Network.

Test Program Disclosure

CampaignZERO reserves the right to change the nature, structure and guidelines of the Care Partner Project at any time without notice.