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How to Support Your Loved One's Care

  • Take Care of the Caretakers – Especially You!
  • Know About Your Resources
  • Professional Patient Advocates
  • Online Tools and Helpful Apps
  • Practical Books
  • Great E-Guides
  • Useful Websites

How to Plan for Surgery and Recovery

  • Help Your Loved One Get Good Information
  • Help Your Loved One Prepare for Surgery
  • Know What to Do at the Hospital the Day of Surgery
  • Help Your Loved One Recover from Surgery
  • Get To Know Everyone Who Cares for Your Loved One
  • Know How to Call for Extra Care if Necessary

How to Track Important Details

  • Take Notes for Peace of Mind
  • Daily Care Notes
  • Care Partner To-Do List
  • Daily Medication Log
  • Daily Procedures and Tests Log

How to Help Your Loved One Avoid Another Hospital Stay

  • Check in With Your Loved One Every Day: Watch for These Signs of Trouble
  • Record Any Problems You See or Hear
  • When to Call A Doctor

How to Prepare for Hospital Care

  • How to Join Your Loved One’s Care Team
  • Take a Little Time to Prepare: What to Plan for and What to Bring
  • Know What it Takes to Be Your Loved One’s Care Partner
  • Get to Know Everyone Who Cares for Your Loved One
  • Know How to Call for Extra Care if Necessary
  • Make a List of Your Loved One’s Medications and Shots
  • Make a List of Other Substances Taken/Used
  • Keep Important Details at Your Fingertips

How to Partner with Nurses

  • Help Prevent “Superbug” Infections
  • Help Prevent C. diff Infection
  • Help Prevent Bloodstream Infection
  • Help Prevent Blood Clots
  • Help Prevent Medication Mix-Ups
  • Help Prevent Your Loved One from Falling
  • Help Prevent Painful Bed Sores
  • Help Prevent Pneumonia from a Ventilator (VAP)
  • Help Prevent a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

How to Plan for Post-Discharge Care

  • Take Good Discharge Notes
  • Record Your Loved One’s Medications and Regimen
  • Create a Support Plan for Medical Care
  • Create a Plan for Daily Living Needs
  • Safety-Proof Your Loved One’s Home
  • Have the Right Supplies for Care at Home


  • How to Gather Information for Treatment Decisions
  • How to Help Your Loved One Suffering from Dementia Cope with ED Care