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5 Tips for Staying Safe in the Hospital: A Checklist

CampaignZERO Founder Karen Curtiss shares her top tips for managing the care of a hospitalized relative using CampaignZERO checklists as guides for supporting safe care.

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Hospitalized patients too often have no single physician in charge of their care

CampaignZERO Founder Karen Curtiss shares best advice: Hospital patients need an advocate at their side to avoid medical errors.
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Hospital bug twice as deadly as feared

CampaignZERO Founder Karen Curtiss contributes dad’s story: Hospital bug twice as deadly as feared: The faces of C. diff victims.
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How to Keep Your Loved One Safe in the Hospital: CampaignZERO Founder Karen Curtiss shares hard-won advice for patient advocates

Bill Aydt was lucky, at first. He was in the final stages of a disease that had thickened his lung tissue beyond repair when a transplant came through. That marked the start of a devastating recovery that ultimately wasn’t.

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Bedside Manner: Advocating for a Relative in the Hospital

CampaignZERO Founder Karen Curtiss advises on all the reasons a patient should never be in a hospital alone with simple tips for safeguarding your loved one’s care. 

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Health Care’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’: No One May Be Coordinating Care

“It would be ideal to have Dr. Marcus Welby looking in on you and coordinating everything, and giving you a big reassuring smile but that’s not the reality right now,” said Karen Curtiss, who wrote a handbook about managing the care of a hospitalized relative, based on her own experiences Safe & Sound in the Hospital: Must-Have Checklists and Tools for Your Loved One’s Care. 


A Patient’s Guide: How To Stay Safe In a Hospital

After her father and husband both experienced adverse events in the hospital, Curtiss says, she founded CampaignZERO to arm patients with the information they need for a safe stay. Her book, “Safe & Sound in the Hospital: Must-Have Checklists and Tools for Your Loved One’s Care,” collects scores of these simple actions and details that can make a big difference in a patient’s recovery.


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What you need to know before you or a loved one go into the hospital

Most people know they should have an advocate with them when they go into the hospital. But they don’t know how to be a good advocate for others. Karen Curtiss shares CampaignZERO checklists to help families learn “on the job” at their loved ones’ sides during a hospital stay.  . 

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U.S. News Talks with Karen Curtiss, author of “Safe & Sound in the Hospital”

Karen Curtiss talks about about how to help keep your loved ones safe from accidental cracks in hospital care that may lead to infection and other medical complications.  

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