Why Families for Patient Safety?

Every patient needs someone as a second pair of ears and eyes to help navigate and safeguard their hospital care.

Most patients forget up to 80% of what their doctors and nurses tell them — which is completely normal.  People who are in pain, loopy from medication, stressed or compromised by illness  aren’t “on their game” no matter how alert they appear.

Hospital care is complex: patient safety requires “sweating small details”, which can be overlooked.

  • 33% of patients are accidentally harmed from preventable hospital hazards, Never Events.”
  • About 1,000 patients a day die from accidental hospital harm,
  • The 3rd leading cause of U.S. deaths after cancer & heart disease.

CampaignZERO’s checklists for preventing common Never Events  help families …

Know what to watch fortick1

tick1Know what to do  

tick1Know what to say

Know when to gtick1et help

Help “zero out”  Never Events with these CampaignZERO checklists. 

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