Help Prevent C. diff Infections

Considered an epidemic, C. diff is a hospital infection which affects 500,000 patients and causes 17,500 deaths every year.

C. diff is an intestinal bacteria that lives in about 5% of the general population, but doesn’t harm most people until they become very ill or take antibiotics. It is usually transmitted through fecal-oral contact —  so hand washing after every trip to the bathroom is important! Hand washing before meals and scrubbing under fingernails wipe out C. diff bugs too.

C. diff  is resistant to heat and can survive in cool hospital environments for a long time. But C. diff germs are not resistant to good old fashioned bleach!

Use this checklist to protect your loved one from C. diff  — and keep it from infecting other patients too!


CampaignZERO Prevent C. Diff Infections


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