Help Prevent Medication Mistakes

Medication mix-ups are way more common than you might think — despite all the checks and balances in hospital systems.The Institute of Medicine estimates preventable medication errors cause 7,000 deaths every year in hospitals. Not all medication mix-ups are fatal, but they can cause harm.

How do they happen?

tick1Sound-alike names (e.g.Celebrex and Cerebyx)

tick1Unknown patient allergies

tick1Taking medications at the wrong time

tick1Taking medications (or eating foods) that “don’t get along”

Imagine you are supposed to receive 1.0 milligrams of a drug and a clerical or math error causes the pharmacist to deliver 10 milligrams instead. Details matter — but they are easy to check. It just takes a bit of extra time and focus.

Follow this simple checklist to prevent medication mix-ups from harming your loved one in the hospital and at home.

CampaignZERO Prevent Medication Errors


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