Help Prevent MRSA, VRE, Staph Infections

Up to 10% of all patients go home from the hospital with an infection of some kind. The most common are MRSA (pronounced “mur-SAH”), VRE and CRKP, also known as “Superbugs.” Superbug germs thrive on any surface…

  • Skin: Hands, especially
  • Fabric:  uniforms, drapes, your purse
  • Hard surfaces:  hospital furniture, medical instruments, doorknobs, elevator buttons, TV remote, call button, tray table, more…

Superbug infections are dangerous — not easy to cure! Usually, they require strong drugs, and sometimes even a “cocktail” of different medications but PREVENTION is literally in your hands! The #1 way to prevent an infection is thorough hand washing! No one should ever touch a patient without washing their hands first. (This covers docs and nurses. Speak up if they forget!) Use this checklist to help you keep your loved one safe from Super Germs that cause super-bad infections!  


CampaignZERO Prevent Hospital Infections MRSA VRE

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