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Following law reducing felony theft, property crimes continued to trend downward while the state prison population also decreased

By Pew Charitable Trusts

Pew’s 2017 national analysis found that property and larceny crime rates continued to fall in 30 states that raised their theft thresholds between 2000 and 2012. These states also experienced the same crime decreases as the 20 states that did not raise their thresholds.  Moreover, there was no correlation between theft thresholds and property crime rates. 

Pew’s 2018 deep-dive into South Carolina’s threshold increase found that the state’s property crime rate continued to fall, that the average value of stolen goods did not change, and that prison admissions and sentence lengths for theft offenses fell by double-digit percentages. The authors suggest in another analysis that states can safely raise felony theft thresholds.

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