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Our campaigns address one or more parts of our policy solutions framework.

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End “Excited Delirium”, a medically-baseless concept.
End Qualified Immunity that protects the police from civil liability.
Rikers In Crisis, Federal Receivership is the only solution.
Cancel ShotSpotter, technology leading to more police encounters.
End All No Knocks to end no-knock raids.

Data Highlights

Our research is at the core of what we do. The data guides our efforts and helps determine our priorities.

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Police killed 1,329 people in 2023, the deadliest year for police violence on record, based on existing databases tracking these killings since 2013. (As of January 2024)


Police union contracts collected and began coding to make publicaly avaialble

Nix the 6

Cities who restricted use of force policies since June 2020

8 Can’t Wait

States restricted the use of no-knock raids

End All No Knocks

State has repealed its law enforcement officers "bill of rights"

Nix the 6

Law enforcement agencies across the US have struggled to hold their officers accountable for misconduct.

Report cover background
Research Brief
Exploratory Analysis of Nix The 6 Law Enforcement Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)

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  • On the Issue of Parole


    Parole helps reduce the harm of the carceral state while creating space for transformative change and true public safety.