Nothing in life prepares us to navigate hospital care for the people we love. CampaignZERO is out to change that.

Our Mission

Our mission is for patients, their families, and care providers to  be on the same page for patient safety using CampaignZERO’s checklists and tools. This collaboration will ensure:

 Patients are spared preventable harm during hospital stays
 Every patient is fully supported in recovery at home

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Our Solutions


Free Patient & Family Safety Checklists

Dynamic Community Education
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Hospital Workshops and Collaterals

Curriculum for Nursing Students

Our Leadership Team

Karen Curtiss BCPA

Karen Curtiss BCPA

Founder, Content Creator, Co-Trainer, Speaker

Karen founded CampaignZERO to transform her family’s grief into good. She left a consulting career in consumer research for Fortune 500 companies to  study where gaps in care occur and best practices to prevent them, which resulted in CampaignZERO’s array of tools. 

Karen is a frequent speaker, co-chairs the Falls Work Group for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation  and serves on an advisory board at Harvard Medical School.  She is also a member of HPESS at the Dartmouth Institute. 

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Karen is the author of the guide for patients and families,  Safe & Sound in the Hospital: Must-Have Checklists and Tools for Your Loved One’s Care, and co-authored with Mary Foley and Sue McWilliams, Safe & Sound Nursing Tools for Family Engagement in Patient Centered Care.  

Mary Foley  RN, PhD

Mary Foley RN, PhD

CampaignZERO Workshop Co-Trainer, Content Review

Mary Foley, RN PhD is a Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco
where she also serves as Director at the Center for Nursing Research and Innovation. She enjoys a joint appointment between UCSF and the San Francisco Veterans Health Care System, working with frontline nurses to develop evidence based (eBP) nursing best practices. With Karen and Sue, Mary co-authored Safe & Sound Nursing Tools for Family Engagement in Patient Centered Care.

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Mary was the president of the American Nurses Association from 2000-2002. A registered nurse for over 47 years, Mary began her career at St. Francis Memorial Hospital. Mary is committed to blending academics and practice, implementing EBP programs in hospitals across the Bay Area.

As an expert in health care policy, Mary writes and lectures frequently about promoting safe care for workers and patients nationally and internationally. Mary served on the first National Patient Safety Foundation Board and is an advisory member of the federal Partnership for Patient Safety. She is currently Secretary of the American Academy of Nursing and the Academic
Representative to the Association of California Nurse Leaders.

Sue McWilliams DNP, MSN, RN

Sue McWilliams DNP, MSN, RN

CampaignZERO Clinical Content Development

Sue McWilliams is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing at Northern Arizona State University and a member of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society. As co-author of CampaignZERO’s Safe & Sound Nursing Tools for Family Engagement Guide with Karen Curtiss and Mary Foley, she has applied the Safe & Sound  content and tools to develop Caregiver Support programs for parents navigating mental health challenges with their children.

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Prior to joining the Faculty at NAU, Sue served for 30 years experience as an ER nurse, program coordinator, facility director and administrator. Her background also includes extensive project development and management of service delivery.

Sue led hospital and clinical process improvement initiatives with Intersect Health Information Technology. She serves as a Board Member of the Healthcare Foundation of Northern Illinois, Chair of the Communications Committee of the American Cancer Society — Illinois Division, and is a past member of the Strategic Planning Committee for Rosalind Franklin University.

Lily Aydt

Lily Aydt

Intern, Video Production

Lynne Grenier

Lynne Grenier

Graphic Design

Stacy Edwards

Stacy Edwards


Justin Hone

Justin Hone

Intern, Patient Safety Research

Our Patient & Family Advisors

Bob Aydt

Bob Aydt

Crash Survivor, Care Navigator for Father Post-Transplant

Darline Alonso

Darline Alonso

Care Navigator for Family, Translator for CampaignZERO Checklists

Jamie Pechak

Jamie Pechak

Care Navigator for Toddler Son Managing Two Rare Diseases

Our Advisory Board

Vik Anantha, Founder, PeerHealth

Robin Shapiro, Co-Founder and Board President, Washington State Health Advocacy Association (WASHAA)

Cari Oliver, MD, Founder, Oliver Center for Patient Safety, University of Texas, Medical Branch

Steven McGeady, Co-Founder, Intel Architecture Labs

Martie Moore, RN, PhD, MAOM, CPHQ

Michael Millenson, Author, Demanding Medical Excellence: Doctors and Accountability in the Information Age, President, Health Quality Advisors

Tom Gregory, Co-Founder, Maranon Capital

Pat Rullo, Weekly Host, I Heart Radio, Speak Up and Stay Alive Patient Safety Radio, Author, Highway to Heart, Humor and Honesty in Healthcare

Our Story

My dad, Bill Aydt, received the rare gift of a new lung to cure a rare disease — but he never left the hospital. For seven long months, Dad battled back from a cascade of common and preventable cracks in hospital care called “Never Events.” His fate was sealed when he took a fall, which led to pneumonia, a blood clot, two rounds of C. diff and MRSA, suffering a stage 4 bed sore all the while. Dad never left the hospital.

He died on September 23rd, one of a thousand deaths that day — and every day — that could have been prevented. I founded CampaignZERO to help families feel confident partnering with nurses and doctors to “zero out” their loved ones’ risk for accidental hospital harm or death.

Simple Checklist Solution

Studies show that checklists literally put everyone on the same page for patient safety. Vetted by medical experts, CampaignZERO checklists offer quick info and simple to-dos to help prevent the most common hazards in hospital care. For every hospital stay, bring CampaignZERO checklists so you’ll know what to watch for, what to do, what to say, and when to get a nurse or doctor.

Safer Care, One Checklist at a Time

Feedback from patients and families who’ve used CampaignZERO, and those who have participated in our community events, has been incredibly heart-warming. We’re making inroads with our Safe & Sound family education tools for hospitals, too. Please share CampaignZERO with your family and friends. Join us on Facebook and Twitter for patient safety updates and news.

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“So many times a doctor makes a brief visit to a hospital room and when further questions come up they are nowhere to be found. Having a resource that will enable you to ask the right questions and get the information which will help you care for your loved one, or in some cases, help keep them alive, is invaluable.”

Ariane N. Ladd

“These days, with healthcare so fragmented, and the nursing staff overworked, you need to know what questions to ask and what information is important.”

“Learned a lot about the health system I didn’t know.”