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  • Keith Davis Jr. Freed From Incarceration After Seven Years

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    All charges dropped by newly elected Baltimore City State’s Attorney after public’s relentless pursuit of justice.

  • Justice for Samuel Celestin


    On April 11, 2019, Samuel, “Sammy”, Celestin, suffered a mental health crisis that would lead to his death at the hands of police. Despite repeated requests for an investigation into the officer’s conduct, and even the election of a new State’s Attorney who promised police accountability, Sammy’s family remains without explanation as to why no officer has been charged related to the conduct contributing to Sammy’s death.

  • Justice for Derontae Martin


    Derontae Martin was a loving, driven, and hard-working 19-year-old boy with a bright future ahead of him. Shockingly, Derontae was killed before he was able to live out his dreams. On April 25th 2021, Derontae was found shot in the closet of a known white supremacist in Fredericktown, Missouri.

  • Free Keith Davis Jr.


    What started as a case of mistaken identity in 2015 has turned into a miscarriage of justice by state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby’s office, resulting in 5 trials: 2 mistrials, 1 acquittal, 2 overturned verdicts and a 6th trial to begin in May of 2022.

We can live in a world beyond policing.

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