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Incarceration in the U.S.: Disparities by Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

Research Spotlight

By Campaign Zero

New data on U.S. incarceration rates reveals stark disparities by race, ethnicity, and gender. Black residents are incarcerated at higher rates in every state, and more women are in jails than in prisons. It’s time to address these systemic issues.

The Prison Policy Institute recently released a dataset of the most up-to-date incarceration data of people in jails and prisons across the U.S.

Key findings include:

  • Black residents in every state are incarcerated at a higher rate than white residents
  • Across the U.S. more women are incarcerated in jails than prisons.

These findings underscore ongoing systemic racial disparities and raise questions about the role of local jails in the mass incarceration of women. Action is required.

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