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  • Failure to Consider Motion to Turn NYC Jails Over to Federal Receiver Has Devastating Consequences

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    Eighteen detainees have died in DOC custody so far in 2022, which is the highest count since 2013.

  • Rikers Sees Deaths Mount After Judge Gives NYC Last Chance On Jail – Patch – New York City, NY

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    From Patch NEW YORK CITY — Three people died after staying in New York City’s jails in the week after a judge approved a last-ditch plan by city officials to avoid a federal takeover of Rikers Island, according to advocates and reports.

  • Loose Cigarettes Today, Civil Unrest Tomorrow


    Insight: Broken windows policing is back in New York City, and it may have killed Eric Garner. “Broken windows” is an order-maintenance strategy that encourages cops to enforce quality-of-life laws on the grounds that, essentially, nits breed lice. It presumes that a disorderly environment where small laws are broken with impunity leads to bigger problems. This is the mindset that led the police to approach Garner for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes: loose cigarettes today, civil unrest tomorrow.

  • ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Is All but Gone From New York


    Insight: The widespread practice of stopping residents for what was deemed “suspicious” behavior, often called “stop-and-frisk,” was the defining tactic of the New York Police Department for a decade, pursued in the face of intensifying protests and dwindling crime, defended against civil-rights challenges, even declared indispensable to the continued safety of the streets.

We can live in a world beyond policing.

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