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A Step Forward in Transparency: The Passage of NYC’s “How Many Stops Act”


By Campaign Zero

Police Transparency Victory

The passage of the “How Many Stops Act” by the New York City Council on Thursday marks important progress  in our ongoing fight for police accountability and the end of racial disparities in law enforcement. This is a necessary and important victory for NYC communities and the movement. Campaign Zero is proud to have been part of the How Many Stops Act coalition, endorsed by over 100 local and national organizations, and led by Communities United for Police Reform

The new legislation, requiring NYPD officers to report details of all low-level stops, is a crucial tool for transparency. It’s a direct response to the historic and well-documented abuse of stop, question, and frisk tactics disproportionately targeting Black and Hispanic communities. 

The common sense legislative package mandates a brief digital reporting process for each pedestrian street stop taking just 20 to 30 seconds per stop. This reporting requirement is a critical step to providing much-needed transparency into NYPD practices. Public reporting of this data will help render the true scope of police contacts and interactions. 

The need for such a measure is underscored by a recent federal monitor report, which found about 97% of people stopped under NYPD’s stop-and-frisk were Black or Hispanic. This law is a step towards addressing such racial disparities.

However, the fight is not over yet — it’s critical that council members continue their support of this bill and other similar legislation that furthers transparency and accountability, ensuring that the principles of justice and equity are not only upheld but also woven into the fabric of our law enforcement system, thereby making a safer and more just society for all New Yorkers. The legislation now goes to the mayor to sign into law and we urge him to do so immediately.

Group of supporters at the How Many Stops Act hearing.

Next Steps

Here are a few immediate next steps to take to sustain this victory:

E-Blast Communication: Send an email blast to your lists highlighting this victory and thanking the supporters for making this win possible. We need to ensure that this bill becomes a reality and that the base is engaged and ready to mobilize if there is any additional action needed. 

Thank Supporters: Reach out via email, calls, texts, and social media to express gratitude to the How Many Stops Act (HMSA) Lead Sponsors: Public Advocate Jumaane Williams & Council Member (CM) Alexa Aviles (Intro 586), and CM Crystal Hudson (Intro 538); Speaker Adrienne Adams; and the 35 council members who voted yes on both bills.

Social Media Campaign: Post thank-you messages on social media platforms to amplify the contributions of the bill’s sponsors and supportive council members. Tag their profiles to increase visibility.

Follow-up with Council Members: For council members who voted yes on Intro 538 but no or abstained on Intro 586, follow up with them to understand their stance and encourage their support for comprehensive police reform measures.

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