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A Win for Fair Housing in California


By Campaign Zero

AB 1418, a groundbreaking California law, has put an end to punitive housing policies that once allowed local governments to force evictions based on calls to law enforcement or past convictions. Campaign Zero’s efforts around this legislation ensures fair treatment for all residents, preventing discrimination and protecting family unity.

Campaign Zero contributed to removing punitive barriers on California’s housing policies in partnership with the National Housing Law Project.

Recently, Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 1418 into law, a groundbreaking legislation initiated by Assemblywoman Tina McKinnor, D-Inglewood. This new law, effective from January 1, 2024, represents a major step forward in ensuring fair housing practices for all Californians and highlights the incredible influence of our Criminal Activity and Nuisance Ordinance (CANOs) campaign.

AB 1418 is designed to put an end to punitive “crime-free housing” policies that local governments have enforced for far too long. These policies compelled rental housing providers to evict tenants following arrests or reject applicants based on their interactions with law enforcement or past convictions.

Here’s what the new legislation means:

  • Local governments can no longer force landlords to evict tenants based on calls to law enforcement, suspected criminal activity, or alleged nuisances.
  • Local governments are now prohibited from requiring or encouraging landlords to conduct criminal background checks during tenant screening, preventing discrimination based on past convictions.
  • Families cannot be evicted just because one family member has a felony conviction or had an interaction with law enforcement, ensuring the protection of family unity and children from houselessness.

Our advocacy and the insightful data from the CANOs campaign played a crucial role in achieving this milestone. It underscores our ability to create positive change as we work towards a world beyond policing.

Let’s take pride in this accomplishment as we continue to promote fairness and equity in housing.

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